Luke Brandon Glaser

There are people who get it and people who don’t when it comes to how the world works now a days, I wish everybody knew this video has nearly every earful of information I’d ever want someone to hear. Please Please Please watch this. We live in such a crazy world its hard to fathom sometimes how fucked up things are and I’m sure only the surface is visible.

Sun, bath me in smooth gold honey

Warm me up, let me know you’re there and be relentless.

My skin, now as light as the stars

Take it up, let it soak in deep and touch bone.

3 drags.

Hang it out the window

3 drags.

You’re confused

3 drags.

Hang it out the window

Sun beats on your face as you make you’re way down the road.

and through the streets. Listen to summer’s heartbeat.

1. 2. 3.

Now think, “What did I do to deserve this

You’re not complaining, just confused

You have a car to drive and something to breathe

Now drive.

You’re destination is nonchalant and time matters not

You have everything you want, you need no more.

Take it in. Breathe.

Hang it out the window.